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New ACLPS Website Announcement

Dear ACLPS members,

On behalf of the ACLPS website committee, I am happy to announce the availability of our newly renovated ACLPS website at This new site is the product of nearly three years of work by the ACLPS executive committee, an ad-hoc website committee charged with proposing a design, and most recently a website committee that I have chaired. Many thanks to those who have helped with this project in the context of these two committees: 

  • Gregory Freund

  • Jon Genzen

  • Jim Harrison

  • Ron Jackups

  • David Jaye

  • Jeffrey Jhang

  • Wesley Long

  • Joe Rudolf

  • Jorge Sepulveda

  • Enrique Terrazas 

Many thanks also to the administrative team at ARUP who have maintained the previous site and kept it in excellent shape for many years. We carried forward much of the original content, and added some new features as well. Most notably, be sure to check out the links to “news” and “employment opportunities” in the banner. We’re hoping that the new platform (Squarespace) will allow us to involve the membership more directly in maintaining and contributing content. Please let me know if you have feedback, suggestions, or bug reports.

And of course, we have information about the upcoming annual meeting! Please visit to check it out.

Hope to see you at the meeting.

Best regards,

Noah Hoffman, Website Committee Chair

 (meeting presentation)

Noah Hoffman